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Fingerprinting near me for fingerprint cards and background checks in Franklin TN

We can supply you with fingerprint cards at the time of your appointment.

We offer same day appointments on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Fingerprinting Services in Franklin TN.

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What We Do?

Fingerprinting Near Me in Franklin TN

At Fingerprints and More, we offer ink card fingerprinting and digital fingerprinting capture services (live scan). Each service is available at our office or can be scheduled at your location if needed for an additional charge.

We can roll your fingerprints on your card provided or we can provide FD-258 cards for you. Be sure to follow up with the state you need the cards for to be sure of which cards they need from you.

Feel free to call us 6292457450 with any questions or click the button below to schedule an appointment.

Reasons for Ink Fingerprinting

Government Purposes

Many federal and state agencies require ink fingerprints for applications for employment, immigration, work or student visas, ATF, firearms, teaching, tax preparers, and volunteering just to name a few.

Out of State Licenses

When you are applying for a license or background check in another state, your ink fingerprints will likely be required. Some states have their own fingerprint cards. We can provide your ink fingerprints on any form or card that you may need.

Foreign Countries

Many countries require a specific fingerprinting form to be completed. If you need your fingerprints taken for a foreign country, please make sure that you have the correct form. We can provide ink fingerprints on the needed form or card.

Need a license in Florida?

We offer the Florida Dept of Law Enforcement (FDLE) background check service. Be sure to bring your ORI number with you to your appointment.

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